Nothing guarantees receiving your personal injury compensation like hiring the right lawyer. While you might be tempted to tackle your case alone to avoid attorney fees, your lack of legal experience and understanding of the US legal system is a significant disadvantage to filing a successful claim.

A lawyer provides the legal know-how and understanding of the court landscape to pursue your claim, either out-of-court or in front of a jury. However, while you want an attorney defending your case, you can't hire just about any legal representative. 

There are several factors to consider before choosing a lawyer for personal injury litigation. This article highlights helpful tips for hiring the right serious injury lawyer in Lancaster, PA. Let's dive in!

What Qualities Should You Look for in an Attorney?

Before you interview your legal defense representative, you need to know what qualities to consider. These attributes help you weed out unqualified lawyers. Here are the top factors to consider when hiring your serious injury lawyer:

1. Legal Specialty

Contrary to what you might think, all lawyers don't practice the same kind of law. Some lawyers specialize in criminal cases, while others are employment law attorneys. There are also lawyers with a primary focus on personal injury cases.

However, even personal injury lawyers specialize in different aspects of personal injury law. There are wrongful death attorneys, slip-and-fall lawyers, and auto accident attorneys.

Before hiring a lawyer, you need to find out the legal area they specialize in. An employment law attorney may not know enough about personal injury litigation to defend your case successfully. So, your best bet is a lawyer with a primary focus and significant experience defending personal injury plaintiffs.

Don't hire a jack-of-all-trades. Lawyers who take on every type of case may often be as inexperienced at defending your claim as one handling cases different from personal injury claims.

2. Trial Experience

Your preferred attorney should have trial experience. While you may think every attorney defends cases in a courtroom, the reality is often different. Some attorneys have never stood in front of a jury. They're more adept at negotiating out-of-court settlements.

If you hire an attorney without courtroom experience for your claim, you'll be significantly disadvantaged if your case eventually ends up before a judge.

Also, remember, the defendant's insurance company will hire an expert attorney to plead their case. With an inexperienced courtroom attorney in your corner, your chances of winning are next to zero.

Therefore, your best chance at a settlement is an attorney who's not only skilled at negotiating an out-of-court settlement, but can also put forward a persuasive defense before a jury.

3. Track Record and Success Rate

You need a lawyer with an immense track record of success defending his clients. Don't rely on an attorney who has never won a case. You need someone with positive reviews from past clients based on their stellar track records.

Personal injury cases are time-consuming and expensive. You'll be paying your lawyer for their expertise. Do you want to spend so much money and time on a legal representative that cannot guarantee a favorable verdict?

Your choice of a serious injury lawyer in Lancaster, PA, should fill you with confidence at the negotiation table and in the courtroom because they have a proven record of success.

How to Find the Right Lancaster Serious Injury Attorney

Now that you know what to look for in an attorney, how do you find the best hands for the job? Here are our top tips for finding the right personal injury lawyer in Lancaster, PA:

1. Search the Internet

It's easy to find competent and reliable legal services on the web these days. In fact, 96% of people who need legal advice conduct their search online. If you're looking for an expert attorney, a quick Google search may provide the solution you need.

However, don't hire the first attorney that shows up on a search page because you feel they're the best. Carry out additional research to be certain. You may need to visit their website and take a comprehensive look at their services, track record, resources, and experience.

Also go through the client reviews on their websites. Furthermore, it's best to visit their social media pages to read the comments on their posts, as reviews on the official site may be doctored. Social media comments can give you a holistic view of the law firm's reputation.

2. Friends and Family

You may have friends or family who have had personal injury claims in the past and hired the services of an attorney. Seek their opinions on the best personal injury lawyer to employ for your case.

If a friend's lawyer produced a favorable verdict for their case, they might be worth considering. Call the lawyer and schedule a meeting to interview them and see if they're the perfect fit for your lawsuit.

During an interview, ask the right questions, such as their experience level, legal specialty, track record, and service cost. It's also ideal to consider more than one option. By interviewing multiple attorneys, you have alternatives waiting if any fails to tick your boxes.

3. Attorneys You Already Know

You may already know a personal injury attorney in Lancaster, PA; now's the time to give them a call or visit their office. Go over for a quick interview to find out all the crucial details about their services.

If you can, get information about them from people they've defended in the past before or after visiting their office. Note how they handle client relationships alongside track record and expertise.

It's best to also determine if they have trial experience or specialize in out-of-court settlements. Your findings will help you make the right choice for your claim.

Major Takeaway

Your attorney choice could be the difference between getting your personal injury compensation or walking out of the courtroom empty-handed.

Thus, you'd want to execute due diligence before hiring a serious injury lawyer for your claim.

Find out all you need to know about your attorney (including experience, track record, reputation, and area of specialization) before signing a retainer. Don't forget to ask about legal fees, so you don't end up hiring a lawyer beyond your budget.

If you've suffered injuries in an auto crash and need professional legal counsel and representation for your personal injury claim, contact the expert serious injury lawyer in Lancaster, PA, at Georgeilis Injury Law.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in settlement across diverse personal injury litigation in Lancaster. We'll commit all our resources and expertise to achieve the same favorable results for you. Reach out to us today for a free consultation on the best approach to handling your claim.


Who Is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury attorneys provide legal assistance to individuals who suffered injuries due to the negligence of another individual or corporate entity. They typically handle slip and fall accidents, medical malpractices, vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, and dog bite cases.

Do I Need an Auto Accident Attorney?

Yes, if you've been severely hurt in an auto crash, you need a serious injury lawyer to file your personal injury claim and get compensation from the guilty party. Filing your case independently might not be a wise decision because you don't have the legal expertise to navigate the US legal system.

How to Find Attorneys in Lancaster?

You can find an experienced personal injury lawyer in Lancaster, PA, by doing an online search or seeking recommendations from friends and colleagues.

Although recommendations can point you in the right direction, you need to interview your lawyer extensively to determine if they're ideal for you.